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  • Headphone modification: I have successfully modified the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO and the ATH-M50x for balanced operation with the Pono. This involves the opening of the headphone, drilling a larger hole into the cup and inserting a  mini XLR jack into the cup. The original cable will be provided with a mini XLR plug to operate with standard equipment. A new cable with Pono connectors will be provided for balanced mode operation, see cable. These measures will void the guarantee. For other headphones, send me the specifications.
  • Internet services: setup and maintenance of web sites (wordpress), database setup (mysql), email service (postfix/dovecot).
  • Software: C/C++ and Python programming, microcontroller programming

Tell me your needs. I will try to make an offer.

2 thoughts on “Other Services

  1. Paddy McShafter says:

    Top notch products/service. Excellent communication and super quick delivery skills.
    Full recommendation here for any and all of your specialized audio wiring needs.

    Charleston, SC

  2. Brian Van Kirk says:

    i have athe 770’s…would like you 2 modify for balanced for Pono Player please

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