Pono Balanced Cable Type One

This cable is designed for using the PonoPlayer in balanced output mode with a HiFi system, as stated in the Pono Technical Sheet 02. The pinout of the connectors corresponds to the document. For details refer to https://www.ponomusic.com in the Knowledge section.

Certified by PonoMusic! Download the certification here


The cable (Cordial) is terminated with gold plated 3.5 mm TRS plugs (REAN by Neutrik) at the Pono end and with gold plated XLR plugs (Neutrik) at the system end. The XLR plugs are normally male but can also made female. Custom length up to 5 meter (16 feet).

Right channel is marked by a red ring at both ends. The cable can be made twisted or straight.

For price information and orders send me a message.


2 thoughts on “Pono Balanced Cable Type One

  1. Perfect and decent priced cable.

    I ordered my cable via mr Ehmke’s website. I had some questions and got very fast and good advices via email, ending in the 2,4 meters (8 feet) custom made twisted cable delivered (to Sweden) after only a couple of days.

    I have found that length and the twisted model being very practical and comfortable.

    After one week of rather careful listening my assessment is that the balanced mode means improvement compared to the unbalanced. If I had to use just one word to describe it, that would be: Clarity. As an effect I now use to listen more to my PonoPlayer than to my CD player. In fact, I like the PonoPlayer sound almost as much as the sound from my turntable :-).

    I really want to recommend the Pono Balanced Cable Type One of mr Eggert Ehmke to everyone who has the possibility to connect the PonoPlayer in balanced mode.

    Equipment: PonoPlayer (Nora Jones Edition ;-)), amplifier Electrocompaniet ECI 5 mk 2, CD player Meridian 506 20 bits, turntable Nottingham Analogue Space Deck w Ace-Space arm and Ortofon Rondo Blue MC pu, RIAA EAR 834p.

  2. Thanks for a terrific set of balanced cables, Eggert. They’re the perfect length and my ponoplayer sounds fokken incredible!! Keep up the great work, dude.

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