Pono Balanced Cable Type Two (Sennheiser HD 800)

This cable is designed to be used with the PonoPlayer in balanced output mode with the headphone Sennheiser HD 800 , as described in the “Pono Technical Sheet 03”. The pinout of the connectors corresponds to this document. For details refer to https://www.ponomusic.com in the Knowledge section.

Certified by PonoMusic! Download the certification here


OCC silver plated cable terminated with gold plated 3.5 mm TRS plugs (REAN by Neutrik) at the Pono end and the original Sennheiser plugs. Length 1,20 meter.

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One thought on “Pono Balanced Cable Type Two (Sennheiser HD 800)

  1. I just got the balanced HD800 cable from Eggert. The cable works perfect! The volume is only at about 40% of max, so there is plenty of power to spare. The sound is extremely clean and distinct. I have used the Pono through my Violectric V200 headphone amplifier up until now. I’m not so sure I need it anymore. The sound straight out of the Pono is a little different, clearer, more spacious, and more defined. Bass might be down by a very small margin, but overall, the sound is in no way inferior to the amplified sound. I did not expect this from the Pono!

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